The following is our recommended schedule of routine services:


Lube, Oil, & Filter Change: Change engine oil with up to 5 quarts quality multi-grade motor oil. Install new oil filter and lubricate chassis where applicable.

10 Point Inspection:
Check and fill the following fluid levels: brake, power steering, transmission, and windshield wiper.  Check and adjust tire pressure.  Visual inspection of air filter, drive belt(s) and hoses.


Tire Rotation:
Rotate tires and inspect for wears and cuts.

Balance & Rotate Tires:
High speed computer balance 4 wheels. Rotate tires and inspect tires for wear.


Front Wheel Alignment:
Perform precision computerized suspension alignment.  Adjust caster camber and toe in as needed.  Inspect steering, suspension, shocks, tie-rods ball joints.

Brake System Service:
Inspect front breaks, clean and deglaze rear shoes. Inspect front rotors and rear drums/rotors. Inspect master cylinder, brake, cylinder and fluid lines. Adjust brakes.

Air Filter Replacement

Every 24 months we recommend the following


Emission System Service:
Install new positive crankcase, ventilation (PCV) valve (when necessary). Check engine gas recirculator (EGR) valve operation.  Inspect vacuum lines, air filter elements, air induction system and exhaust system.

Fuel Injector Flush Service: Wynns fuel injection clean.

Fuel Filter Replacement:
Replace fuel injected into engine in-line fuel filter

Transmission Service:
Automatic includes: Drain Fluid. Remove, clean and inspect pan and filter screens. Install new pan gasket.

*All Prices vary per car.
*Motor homes, dual rear wheels trucks and synthetic oil additional.

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