Tire Safety Tips - Follow these simple services and keep your tires safe on your Car, Truck, or SUV.

Pressure is the most essential part of tire maintenance.
  • Check inflation regularly.
  • Carry a reliable pressure gauge.
  • Increase air pressure when carrying extra weight.
The minimal cost of an alignment will more than pay for itself in tire performance and mileage.
  • Check all 4 tires routinely for signs of uneven wear.
  • A change in handling or steering can indicate an alignment is needed.
  • Professional evaluation and equipment is necessary for a correct alignment.
Regular rotation will insure even wear on all 4 tires.
  • Rotate tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.
  • Do not use 'temporary use only" spares when rotating.  A regular spare tire can be used.
  • Have a technician check for any mechanical problems before rotation.
underinflated onesided uneven


Uneven weight distribution can affect the riding comfort and performance of your tires. Tires and wheels should be balanced when:
  • A tire is dismounted and the remounted.
  • A flat repair has occurred.
  • Tires and wheels are rotated.
  • New tires are mounted on wheels for the first time.
  • When used tires are mounted on existing wheels.




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